Copyright Information

Why use Royalty-free music?

While many high quality MIDI files are readily available for free download from the Internet, using these files on WEB sites is not recommended. Although these files appear to be in the public domain, most are developed from songs still under copyright protection by the original composer or copyright owner. Even though the arrangement may have been produced independently, the composer of the song may still hold rights to the song. Beware if the song was written within the past 75 years, even if the arrangement is totally new.

How do Royalties work?

While the World Wide Web is less than a few years old, legal aspects are only now beginning to be addressed. Consider this possible scenario: If you use an unlicensed music file for your WEB page and your automatic counter shows 15,000 hits since (you fill in the date), this is your potential liability for using ONE copyrighted song. At the current mechanical royalty rate of $0.0725 per song, you could now legally owe the $1087.50 to the composer or publisher holding the copyright.

$ 0.0725 (Royalty) X 15,000 (Hits) = $ 1087.50

Why use Midisound music files?

Using our files offers the best sounding products without the legal liability. Midisound produces and holds the copyrights to all the MIDI files we sell. All of our WEB products are either original compositions or songs that were written far enough in the past that all copyright protection has expired. Why chance litigation and the time and money it takes to resolve such a copyright infringement suit?