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Stereo CD quality music can be added to any WEB page with minimal download time. By using MIDI files, download time is thousands of times faster (just a few seconds using a 28.8 modem) when compared to other WEB audio formats (WAV, MP3, RealAudio, etc.). Music plays almost instantly as your page loads.

Each volume of our Royalty-free WEB music collection includes 5 complete songs plus at least three variations of each song. These include shortened versions, low volume versions, and piano-only versions. A variety of moods can be created using the over 20 MIDI files included in each volume.

Be sure to sure to check out our information on adding MIDI music to your WEB Site. Also consider your liability in using unlicensed MIDI files, by clicking on our Copyright Law Discussed page.  These pages can be quickly accessed by clicking one of the links in the blue column to the left.

Selling at $19.95 per volume, the price includes licensing for use on purchaser's personal WEB site. * See bottom of page for terms of licensing agreement. To license files for commercial websites, click here or click icon at bottom of blue column.                

Swan Lake
     Toreador Song
     Sabre Dance
     Peer Gynt Morning


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  WEB CLASSICS Volume I-   A collection of 5 popular Classical music themes. Songs are fully orchestrated with lengths varying from a few seconds to several minutes. Included are selections from Tchaichovsky' s Swan Lake, Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite, Bizet's Toreador March and others.                                          $19.95

 STORE CLOSED, no longer available 

     Sea Journey

     New Morning
     Moonlight Stroll
     Theme Song
     Rock Boogie


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  WEB ORIGINALS Volume I-   Another collection of 5 songs in styles ranging from Rock to Bach. All compositions were written and performed by Jim Henning. Included are beautiful piano pieces and hard rock riffs, in a blend of contemporary styling and new-age textures.                                        $19.95

  STORE CLOSED, no longer available 


Our downloadable MIDI files are bundled in 1 large "ZIP" file for speed and convenience. If you do not have an "UnZIP" utility, click on the WINZIP icon for a free download 







The price of $19.95 is for licensing to one personal site: One domain (URL) with home page and associated pages. For commercial WEB sites, an additional licensing fee of $50.00 per song applies and purchaser must notify Midisound the WEB address (URL) of commercial site. The $50.00 fee is paid only once and covers a specific song including various versions of the same song. In other words if the commercial site uses one song plus two variations of the same song, $50.00 total would cover all 3 versions of the same song. Please notify us by e-mail once the site and songs are determined so we might issue commercial license and additional billing.

MIDISOUND develops and owns the copyrights to all song files. WEB site developers must purchase additional licenses for new sites created for 3rd parties, other companies or individuals. Use for any commercial application other than WEB pages (such as business presentation music, live performances, CD ROM use etc.) requires different licensing. Please e-mail us about licensing arrangements for use in other applications.

Music files licensed by MIDISOUND Productions are intended for use on both personal and commercial WEB sites, where content does not conflict with traditional family values. MIDISOUND reserves the right to revoke licensing, (with full refund to purchaser), to any of our customers violating this criteria. Sites with content deemed inappropriate include: pornographic or sexually explicit, violent, hate mongering, sadistic, racist, perverse or in any other way inappropriate, as determined by MIDISOUND Productions.  

*To inquire on commercial licensing or to discuss licensing for other applications, click here