3.5" Diskettes and Downloadable Type 0 SMF's   

Listen to these samples  available on 3.5" diskettes for use in most newer Digital Pianos, Synthesizers and Soundcards.  If your instrument or soundcard shows "GM" or "General MIDI", this disk should work. They are "Type 0 Standard Midi Files" and are 100% compliant with the "General MIDI" soundset. Check your manual to be on the safe side. 

Listen to something different than the limited selections offered by our competitors. Our  songs were produced and performed by Jim Henning, and  guarantee an emotional response. The disk is a "Piano with Orchestra" collection of popular songs, with over 45 minutes of total play time!!  Compare that to the discs you may have purchased. 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our products.  Each volume comes in a mini  protective jewel case, and sells for $29.95 *, or the volume can be instantly downloaded for $24.95. You can also download individual  song files for $3.00 each.

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The following song samples can be heard instantly by clicking  on the icon. 



Titles, composers, and runtime


Download individual MIDI files: $3.00 each

Theme from Terms of Endearment
  by M
. Gore  (3:57)


  by Lionel Richie   (4:28)


New Morning
  by Jim Henning  (3:54)


Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  by Arlan
& Harberg  (4:02)


Phantom of the Opera Medley
  by Andrew L
loyd Webber  (7:24)

This item $6.00

Moon River  (3:45)
  by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer   


Romeo and Juliet Theme  (3:41)
  by Nino Rota   


Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire  (3:33)
  by David Foster   


Groovy  Kind of  Love  (3:53)
  by T.Wine & C. B. Sager   


Come Saturday Morning  (3:23)
  by D. Previn & F. Karlin   


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*The 10 song downloadable MIDI files are bundled in 1 large "ZIP" file for speed and convenience. If you do not have an "UnZIP" utility, click on the WINZIP icon for a free download