3.5" Diskettes for PianoDISC Playback Units   

Listen to these samples available on 3.5" diskettes for use in PianoDISC-equipped acoustic pianos.  If  you're tired of the same generic-sounding disks produced by PianoDISC , listen to something different.  You spent enough money for that player piano, so you deserve some good  music.  Our  songs were produced and performed by Jim Henning, and  guarantee an emotional response.

Each volume comes in a mini  protective jewel case, and sells for $36.95 *. You'll get over 45 minutes of music. The disk ships with a "Solo Piano" version along with "Piano with Orchestra" versions of each song. That's 20 song files on the disc, with over  90 minutes of total play time!!  Compare that to the discs manufactured  by PianoDISC. And don't forget, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our products.  

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The following song samples can be heard instantly by clicking  the icon. 


Terms of Endearment Theme  by Michael Gore  (3:57)

Hello  by Lionel Richie   (4:28)

New Morning  by Jim Henning  (3:54)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow  by Arlan/Harberg  (4:02)

Phantom of the Opera Medley  by A. L. Webber  (7:24)

Moon River  by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer   (3:45)

Romeo and Juliet Theme   by Nino Rota   (3:41)

St. Elmo's Fire Theme   by David Foster   (3:33)

A Groovy  Kind of  Love  by T.Wine & C.B.Sager  (3:53)

Come Saturday Morning  by Previn & Karlin   (3:23)

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