The music you are now hearing is being used on the on-line dealership of Pacific Honda, San Diego, CA. We duplicated their jingle for use on their WEB site. We can do the same for your company or clients. Send us your tape. MIDI files can also be used in other documents and applications such as: PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, CD ROM's, electronic keyboard instruments, Multimedia Presentations, and a variety of others. Webmasters might consider custom music as a value-added service.

If you don't already have a jingle, we'll compose one for you. Just let us know the style of music that we should emulate, or send us a tape of a style you like. Use the following table for pricing guidelines. Our products are 100% guaranteed. If interested in licensing our Royalty-free WEB music files for other applications (such as CD ROM's or presentations), please e-mail us with your inquiry. 

 To convert a existing jingle*                10-60 seconds 2-3 minutes long
 Single instrument or solo piano:


 Multi-instrument, fully orchestrated:


 To compose and produce new jingle*:    
 Single instrument or solo piano


Multi-instrument, fully orchestrated



 *These rates are general guidelines and are subject to change depending on complexity of arrangement or other unspecified circumstances. Final price will be established upon review of tape.

We accept all major credit cards
 50% deposit required up front with balance payable upon completion

Please e-mail us with your inquiry or send your tape to:
  Midisound Productions
 9940 Beechwood Drive
North Royalton, Ohio,  U.S.A.   44133

PHONE: (440) 877-0400  



Just like MIDI files (see "Custom Midi Files" above), we can also create MP3, RealAudio, and just about any other audio format available. We can take your audio source (CD, audio tape, or whatever)  and convert it to these formats. We can apply different sample rates (to keep file sizes smaller, or greater for better fidelity, to speed up downloads, etc.), optimized for your application. This applies to speech as well as music. 

We can add special audio effects such as reverb (echo), delay, equalization, stereo from mono. We can take a speaking voice and  apply effects to make it sound like: the chipmunks (without changing rate of speech), Darth Vader, talking on the phone, old fashioned phonographs & variety of other effects. We can combine music with speech, do fade-ins & fade-outs, and just about anything else you may hear on radio or television.

AUDIO CD'S:        

We can also take your audio (or ours) and convert it to a true audio CD. Our audio CD's are mastered using actual "Red Book" encoding so they are totally compliant with the music CD's you could buy in a store. We can arrange to have them duplicated, printed, and packaged into the jewel cases we're all familiar with. We can even design the graphics and print full-color tray inserts, CD album covers, and. booklets.



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