Booking Jim Henning (Pianist)

Jim is available for private parties or public performances. He has played at many functions  (anniversaries, benefits, weddings, corporate functions, Bah-mitzvahs, cocktail parties, etc.) in the Northern Ohio (U.S.A.) area during the past 10 years. His emotional performances are well received by a wide range of ages; children, as well as senior citizens. A pianist since the age of 8, Jim excelled in improvisational skills. Rarely being satisfied with "written" music, he takes a song and expands on it, adding beautiful embellishments and unique interpretations. Usually performing as a solo artist, his stylistically original interpretations are best appreciated without distractions.

Ideally, he is best suited where upscale, sophisticated, high-quality music is appreciated. The inoffensive nature of his performances (at reasonable volume levels) are ideal for intimate situations, rarely taking away from conversation. Instead, his emotional style transforms  the atmosphere into an uplifting experience. Your guests will come away feeling upbeat, peaceful, and have an overall positive experience. Jim is gifted with the ability to emotionally move people.

While most at home on an acoustic piano (grand, baby grand, or upright), we can also provide a "digital" piano with  P.A. system. This is ideal where no piano is available (even outdoors), or for larger parties and halls, where a real piano would not be heard over the ambient noise. 

The other advantage of this "electronic" option, is a much larger palette of sound. Jim is no longer limited to one sound (piano), but has a full compliment of other natural and synthetic instruments at  his disposal (listen to samples under "Pricing Option 2" ...link below). If you  want more than "instrumental" music, Jim can add vocals, as heard in  "Pricing Option 3" samples (click on link below).

Listen to samples of Jim's live performances on our pricing page.

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