About Us

Thank you for visiting  midisound.com.  We started in 1994 as Midisound Productions, creating 3.5" disks (MIDI files) for playback on electronic keyboards, pianos, and digital pianos. While we learned a lot about producing these specialized files, marketing them was another story. Commercial music stores which carried these electronic "player-piano-type" instruments had no interest in selling our product. 

The quality of our files were  superior to most of the  files carried by the stores,  but it made no difference. One manager told us "We don't care about the discs, we just have them so we can sell the pianos".  We then contacted Hal Leonard Publishing (who manufactures most of the files used in Yamaha Clavinova and Disklavier), PianoDisc Corp., and other companies we knew were supplying these sequence discs. We were "blown off" by everyone, and forgot about the project.

 A couple years later, the World Wide Web took off. We thought it might be a good idea to start producing royalty-free MIDI files for legal use on commercial and personal web sites. In 1997, we opened this web site with our first on-line store.  While sales were slow to start, they continue to grow, and our direction continues to evolve with the Internet itself. In 2000, we decided to add the 3.5" disks to our online store, where their popularity is growing exponentially. Thank goodness, the Internet is leveling the playing field against these corporate giants.

We have since gotten into newer internet formats such as RealAudio, MP3 and Windows Media Audio. Additionally, we are now offering audio CD's with the debut release of "Ivory Mellows", a solo piano CD performed by our founder, Jim Henning. Jim performs at private clubs and functions in the Northern Ohio (U.S.A.) area.  Jim is available for live performances, and recording/production work.  Music samples of his live act are available here.   

We learned quite a bit over the years about Web pages, E-commerce, and music on the Internet. That is why we now design and host Web sites with special emphasis on Web Audio and E-stores. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

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