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  Welcome to Midisound Productions. We produce original music, popular music, and sell many music-related software products such as MP3 and MIDI files.  Midisound features the music of pianist/producer Jim Henning.

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We produce Royalty-free MIDI files for legally adding music to Web pages. Additionally, we produce 3.5" music disks for use in electronic keyboards and player pianos. Our disks are compatible with most currently manufactured keyboards including: PianoDisc™, Yamaha Clavinova™, Yamaha Disklavier™ Pianos, Roland digital pianos, and other keyboards conforming to the "General MIDI" specification. 


Jim Henning- Pianist


 Jim performs at private clubs and functions in the Northern Ohio (U.S.A.) area and is available for booking. He is known for his emotional playing style and unique interpretations. Visit  our Booking Options
page for live performance samples in MP3 and Windows Media Audio
™ (WMA) .
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    Solo Piano CD

Additionally, we offer  "Ivory Mellows", the debut release of  a solo piano CD performed and produced by Jim Henning. 

The CD has popular melodies in addition to several original compositions. Song samples are available in WMA  and the songs can also be purchased in MP3 format.

Jim Henning is a member in good standing of the  
American Society of Composers and Musicians.

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MIDI Explained
MP3 Explained
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Click any link to get technical information. We show you how to add MIDI music to Websites. In addition, we explain various music formats such as MIDI, MP3 and ™ (WMA). Our explanations are not too technical, so we  include links to other sites if more detailed information is desired.

The Music you are hearing is a MIDI file from " Web Originals Volume 1 "

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